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Seminarios de investigación de la Escuela de Negocios


29 Abr

Gabriel Berger

Does integrity matter in BoP ventures? The role of responsible leadership in inclusive supply chains

Universidad de San Andrés
13 May

David Moreno

Debt Overhang, Rollover Risk, and Corporate Investment: Evidence from the European Crisis

Banco Central de Chile
03 Jun

Ariel Casarín Domínguez

Political Uncertainty, Firm Identity, and Firm Value: Evidence from the Catalan Secession Crisis

Universidad Adolfo Ibáñez
24 Jun

Federico Sturzenegger

Estimando los efectos de Covid-19 para Argentina: economía vs. vida

Universidad de San Andrés
15 Jul

José María Fanelli

Reflexiones sobre los problemas actuales de crecimiento en la Argentina y sobre un marco analítico para pensarlos

Universidad de San Andrés
12 Ago

Santiago Barraza

The Short-Term Effect of the Paycheck Protection Program on Unemployment

Universidad de San Andrés
26 Ago

Ramiro H. Gálvez 

A Unifying Framework for Modeling Acoustic/Prosodic Entrainment: Definition and Evaluation on Two Large Corpora

FCEyN, Universidad de Buenos Aires/ ICC-CONICET
7 Oct

Federico Forte 

Network Topology of the Argentine Interbank Money Market



11 Abr

María Fabiana Penas

Debtor Protection and Business Dynamism

Universidad Torcuato Di Tella
09 May

Diego Finchelstein

The Role of Managerial Autonomy and Subnational Governments on the Internationalization of SOEs

Universidad de San Andrés
04 Jul

Irena Vodenska

Novel Approach to Forecasting Corporate Earnings Using Artificial Intelligence

Boston University
15 Ago

Roberto Gutiérrez

Creación y Apropiación de Valor en Emprendimientos Sociales

Universidad de los Andes
22 Ago

Luciana Silvestri

Negotiating the Meaning of Catastrophic Innovation Failure: Lessons from Virgin Galactic’s 2014 Test Flight Crash

Harvard University
26 Sep

Paola Zanella

Where the hits have no name: How leading incumbent firms successfully react to digitization in the music business

IE University
02 Oct

Corinna Galliano

The Generative Role of Paradox in Emerging Organizations

The University of Sydney
10 Oct

José Dapena

Introducing a Timing Factor for Trading Strategies Testing

24 Oct

Laura D'Amato

Measuring the Pass-Through of the Reference Policy Rate to Deposit Rates in Argentina

14 Nov

Daniel Friel

Constructing Networks with Recessive Institutions: How a Firm and an Industry Overcome Institutional Challenges in Argentina

Universidad de San Andrés
28 Nov

Paula Margaretic

A Spatial Modelling Approach to Cross-Country Co-Movements in Sovereign Bond Markets

Universidad de San Andrés
13 Dic

Horacio Rousseau

Power to the People? Public Opinion and Impression Management During the Second Iraq War

Florida State University


20 Mar

Juan Antonio Candiani


Should internal knowledge and collaboration structures be aligned or not?

08 May

Bruno Varella Miranda


Asset specificity, intensity of coordination, and the choice of hybrid governance structures

31 May

Pamela Suzanne


Feeling Capable or Not? Changing Self-efficacy Beliefs along Women’s Career Transitions

26 Jun

Marcelo Cano-Kollmann


Do Political Connections Protect Firms from Adverse Policies? The Case of Partial Nationalization in Argentina, 2008-2011

07 Nov

Alan Brejnholt


Sustainability in Emerging Markets: An Institutional Analysis of ESG as a Corporate Strategic Advantage for EMNEs

19 Dic

Santiago Barraza


Ensayos sobre Volatilidad Macroeconómica, Incertidumbre y Crédito a Empresas


18 Abr

Fernanda Wagstaff


The wonder of diversity, the effect of diversity on learning

15 May

Mauricio Mittelman


Usage frequency considerations in purchase decisions

01 Jun

Tomás Farchi


Hybrid Governing in Complex Institutional Fields

14 Jun

Carmelo Paviera


Breaking labor-inequality

05 Sep

Paula Margaretic


Endogenous peer effects in the interbank market: What factors matter when a bank lends (borrows) in this market?

05 Dic

Maxim Mironov


Corrupt Auditors and Corporate Theft