About Universidad de San Andrés

Universidad de San Andrés was founded in 1989 and it is already recognized as one of the most prestigious universities in Argentina and the region. With more than 1,900 students enrolled, it offers graduate and postgraduate programs on Business, Humanities and Social Sciences. Our faculty brings together highly-renowned local and international professors and researchers.

Personalized Education

With professors willing to support your growth, day after day. Our education plan is based on horizontality and the exchange between studens and professors. With a full-time teacher every eight students, we have the best ratio of students to professors in argentinian university education. We also have Student Orientation area: a daily reinforcement for your degree to enhance your skills and achieve your very best.

International Exchange

We have more than 90 agreements with universities around the world: one out of three students chooses to have this international experience.


Victoria Campus

A place to study in contact with nature. With seven green acres and more than 10 thousand square meters of infrastructure, the University Campus is equipped to give you an intensive education and to enhance your univerisity experience.

Study outdoors, take part in extracurricular activities with your classmates and spend your days working in a place that invites you to enjoy.



City of Buenos Aires Facilities

Universidad de San Andrés has four facilities in the City of Buenos Aires

Riobamba Facility

Since March 2019

Perú Facility

Since march 2019, located within Manzana de las Luces, it belongs to the Asociación Civil Escocesa San Andrés. Class rooms were aconditionated with special plalces for the teaching of undergraduate and graduate programs from our Humanities Department.

Suipacha Facility

Since march 2020, the third facility of Universidad de San Andrés in the City of Buenos Aires is located at Suipacha 1333, within the building of the Asociación de Cultura Inglesa, where six of our graduate programs are taught.

Callao Facility - To be inaugarated in 2021

This new facility proyect has two objectives:

  • diversify our range of undergraduate, graduate and executive education programs
  • deepen the link of Universidad de San Andés with the Ciy of Buenos Aires community



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