Customized Programs with Partner Universities


A program in Argentina with San Andrés, in addition to guaranteeing top notch academics and student and logistical support, has many advantages.

  • With its sophisticated intellectual life and rich popular and political culture, Buenos Aires allows students to explore the most pressing contemporary social questions from globalization and financial crises to new identities and social movements. Buenos Aires also is a safe city in comparison with other Latin American metropolises.
  • San Andrés is internationally recognized as a premier institution of higher learning and research. Most San Andrés faculty hold PhD degrees from top European and US universities. They are well versed in international educational systems and the needs of international students having themselves taught in universities abroad.
  • San Andrés has been hosting international students at its university for over a decade. It has collaborated with many institutions of higher education such University of Texas at Austin, ESCP, Tulane, George Mason University and University of Kansas to create and run custom designed faculty led programs.

Designing your Customized Program

  • San Andrés faculty will work with you to design customized syllabi which include educational field trips to local institutions.
  • Program duration may vary from 10-day special seminars to multi month long programs with several courses.
  • Programs can be tailored to various Spanish language levels.

Academic areas at San Andrés include:

  • Art History
  • Business
  • Cinema Studies
  • Communication
  • Economics
  • Education
  • History
  • Human Rights
  • International Relations
  • Journalism
  • Latin American Studies
  • Law
  • Literature
  • Political Science
  • Spanish

UdeSA Support

  • Staff from our International Programs office provide logistical and student support to help participants navigate a successful study abroad experience.
  • Students are housed in homestays with local families or, if preferred, can stay in conveniently located hostels.
  • Courses are held on the San Andrés campus just outside of the city or at our branch classrooms located in vibrant downtown Buenos Aires.
  • Field trips and cultural activities introduce students to diverse aspects of the customs and way of life of Argentineans.
  • Events are organized to encourage interaction between participants and local San Andrés students

At Universidad de San Andrés we have ran up to four short-term programs a year for which we provide transportation, housing, cultural activities and 24/7 support. Often we provided a large portion of the academic component as well.

Some of the programs have been:

Argentina: International Marketing in South America

Four week program in 2016 with a marketing course taught by a NCSU professor and some classes taught by a UdeSA professor (all in English) for 26 students. The program included a trip to Mendoza. Right now we are developing a new program for 2017 with another course and more students. Students and faculty stay at apartments in an aparthotel centrally located.

Summer in Argentina: Cities & Culture of the Southern Cone

2016 was the second year we ran a program with Tulane. They bring two professors (who are also directors of the program) who teach a culture course in Spanish. At the same time, an UdeSA professor teaches another course that is closely related to the excursions and visits included in the program. Students stay with Argentinian families.

Language and Culture in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Since 2011 we have been executing annually a six-week customized program on Spanish Language and Argentine Culture that includes courses taught by two KU professors and Spanish courses taught by our Spanish professors. Students stay with Argentinean families.

“Working with San Andrés was an excellent experience. The coordinators and professors were available 24 hrs a day, every day of the week. They went above and beyond the call of duty to provide our students with all the academic and moral support they needed.”

Verónica Garibotto - Assistant Professor of Spanish and Portuguese, University of Kansas

BHP Management in Buenos Aires

International Accounting in Buenos Aires

Our relationship with McCombs started with our first program in 2013 and has continued ever since. Currently the program consists of two programs: one for undergraduate and another for graduates students, each taught by a McCombs professor. UdeSA provides one professor for each course. McCombs also brings two liaisons that stay with the students in the same apartments. This year we had 45 students between the two programs.

If you are interested in working with us on a customized or faculty-led program, please contact