Daniel Fraiman en el II Falan Congress

Daniel Fraiman fue invitado como conferencista en II Falan Congress  (2016).



Chair: Antonio C. Roque (Brazil)
Summary: Recent advances in the Neurosciences make evident the need for the development of new mathematical objects and theories to accommodate the vast amount of data and build bridges across the different scales, from the cellular to the systems level. This symposium will put together top researchers working on present day frontiers in the interface between mathematics and neuroscience, and will provide an overview on recent developments in the field.
- Presentation 1: Statistics of brain networks - Speaker: Daniel Fraiman (Argentina)
- Presentation 2: Retrieving a context tree from EEG data - Speaker: Cláudia D. Vargas (Brazil)
- Presentation 3: Consciousness measured: Heuristic metrics to track large-scale brain states - Speaker: Ariel Haimovici (Argentina)
- Presentation 4: Applications of a stochastic spiking neuron model to neural network modeling - Speaker: Antonio C. Roque (Brazil)

Viernes, Octubre 21, 2016