Emiliano Horcada

Emiliano is currently the Global head of design and strategy at Globant. He is a partner at Globant and he is also responsable for the growth and maturity of 3 studios at Globant, the design studio, the consulting studio and the product studio. This studios are distributed globaly in 10 countries such as US (NY, San Franciso, Raleigh, Boston, Chicago, etc..), Argentina, Colombia, México, India, Brasil, Spain, Uruguay, Chile and UK. 

His backgrounds is in design and system engineering, combining this two mind-sets to design sustainable strategies and systems for products and organizations. 
He is now accountable for the growth of strategic practices within globant and in charge of integrating the value propositions of new adquired companies to the global scheme of services. He is still curious about the transformational aspect of design and how impactful it can be.